As a broader medical term for a nose job, a rhinoplasty is considered to be just that, an adjustment to your nose to change the shape and improve the function thereof with a surgical procedure.

Many people have their noses done for medical reasons, but many also get it done due to the fact that they want their appearance to look ‘better’. Nose jobs are considered quite popular in places such as the United States and also in places in Asia such as South Korea where cosmetic surgery adds to an entire industry of experts and advanced science of its own. Looking the part in these countries or defining what it is to be beautiful are all defined by a type of perceived perfection that so many wishes to have.

If the decision to get this surgery done is due to medical reasons such as breathing problems or having your nose disfigured due to a birth defect or trauma, getting a rhinoplasty done could play a different type of role for individuals.

Should you have your nose done?


This is a question only you can answer and it’s all based on your reason why. If you’re thinking about getting it done, you should set up an appointment with a surgeon in order to discuss the entire process, as well as get professional advice.

During a consultation, your surgeon might also have a look at your nose and other facial features for evaluation purposes. If you have an expectation of how you’d like your nose to look like, he’ll consult you on whether or not it’s realistic, discuss your health status with you, your risks with surgery, the recovery time it will take for your nose to look like the end result you want and how much it will cost.

If you decide to go forward and are happy with what he suggests and the price thereof, the surgeon will go forward in explaining to you how he’ll go about reshaping your nose.

You should take note that most healthcare providers do not cover cosmetic surgery and you’ll have to look into another source to pay the medical bills for this surgery.


What to expect with the recovery of a rhinoplasty

It’s important to be informed from the get-go and understand that a rhinoplasty doesn’t just involve surgery, but also a long recovery process.

Post-surgery effects could include a lot of bruising and swelling on your face that you need to be prepared for. There might also be swelling around your eyes, but all of this will improve within three days and continue to get better the two weeks following after that. It might also take up to 6 months for you to notice your nose’s difference the way you’d like it to be. The entire shape will change and be recognizable after the healing period. Extensive healing might take up to 12 months and for those who have sensitive skin, up to 15 months.